We eat way too much pizza.

It is a perfect food, after all. That is, if you like carbs, and we love carbs at our house.  I have been making pizza for almost 20 years and although I have yet to make a pizza that I think, “That’s it!” That’s the perfect pie. Some have come pretty close. 

I recently started making sauce I really like, thanks to the girls over at OUR BEST BITES. They have great recipes and everything I have made from their site is really good. 

Cheap cheese is the best way to downgrade a good pizza to average and if the dough is just average that day; the cheap cheese makes it almost not worth eating… almost. I don’t buy the really good stuff, though, and I am not near dedicated or even interested enough to make my own mozzarella. However, I’d be happy to try it if someone wanted to generously donate their homemade cheese. I’d even share my pizza with you!

 So the tool I love the most for making pizza is my pizza pan. Its aged but trusty. I know your Pampered Chef friend wants you to believe a stone is better, but I don’t thing they are.

I actually suspect the pizza stone folks want us to think we aren’t real pizza bakers without one but I don’t see the restaurants using the pizza stones.


 Full disclosure on the pizza stone discussion: I do own a stone which I use and sort of like for cookies but I don’t like it for pizza because it cooks at a different rate than the toppings. It’s also too heavy, hard to store and I don’t like waiting for it to heat up. I am actually on my third stone as the first two broke in the oven. The kind people at Pampered Chef did follow through on their warranty, though, and replaced it… twice. I stopped putting frozen pizza on it. They say the frozen stuff is fine on it, but I have my doubts.

Getting back to my pan.

I bought it for 9.99 at Target many, many years ago and it still serves me well.  I just oil it up a little bit before I put the dough on and it’s ready to go.

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One thought on “Pizzaaah!

  1. Lovely post!! I love OBB for recipes. And totally agree with you on the stones. Befor our last one broke (2nd time) we kept it in the bottom of the oven for even heating. Or at least that’s what Alton Brown said it was for.

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