Valspar Spray Paint

Our Sweetpea recently moved to her own place. Now, secretly I am a little happy because there are plenty of projects I’d love to try but don’t have the room to put the re-done stuff, so now I have a chance to do a few re-do’s for her place.

The first thing she and her roomy need were barstools so I happily accomdated. After perusing Craig’s list, I got lazy and went to Goodwill and found two of these:

I say got Lazy because Craig’s list is too much work, sometimes. You send a few emails, maybe they get answered. If the item is really good, it’s probably gone before I hear back. If you read the rest of my posts or my about me page, you’ll know I have already established my impatience.  So, I paid $15 each.

I hadn’t spray painted something this  big before and wanted to try it on this project. The can of Krylon that said to lightly sand the chair before I painted. Well, I sanded one chair lightly and it turned out like this:

The stool once it was sanded.

I sanded, wiped down with a tacky (slightly damp) cloth then with a dry cloth. When it was completely clean, I started spraying, and spraying, then I sprayed again. I wasn’t happy with the coverage. I got impatient (big surprise), sprayed too close, then the paint dripped. So I sanded that part down and re-sprayed.

When it was time for a 3rd (!) coat, I found my self out of paint so I went to Lowe’s where the house brand of paint is Valspar. I have used Valspar paint in the can and been happy with it, but what was this? Right next to the Krylon, was Valspar Spray Paint!

I took this stuff home finished the first bar stool and started on the 2nd.

This paint is a great tool for a few reasons:

1. It comes out almost as a mist so it’s really hard to make it drip or make much of a mess

2. It doesn’t have a cap, it has a turn lid. I hate prying the cap off Spray Paint Cans.

4. (This is my favorit one!) It doesn’t require sanding. I bought the primer (not sure if I needed) but I did use it, lightly, I mean lightly primed then I painted.

Lightly primed chair --see I didn't even cover everything that well.

 The Valspar coverage was much better. I did have some trouble when the last third, or so, of the first can seemed to clog up.  I was able to use it, but it was really hard to spray.  The other two cans didn’t act that way so it must have been a bad can. So, this is how it turned out:

The chairs primed & painted

I recovered the seats (details on that in another post) and the turned out like this:

Finished Stools

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