My own Lap Top skin

I have been thinking about how many ways I can list my vinyl cutter as a tool to blog about my projects. I really just need the blog post to host my pictures and project details to show off what the fun I am having with my Silhouette SD cutter.

I’d been thinking about my own design for my lap top. The thing is, I am not a designer. So, I pretty much had to see something I liked, then re-create it. When I couldn’t find something I loved, I thought, what’s the difference? It’s only vinyl, I can change it as often as I like.

If you search laptop skin on Pinterest, there isn’t much there that you can make yourself.  I did a blog search and still didn’t find much of skin people had made of their own.

So I went to my freebie file — the file of word freebies I’d downloaded over the years and found this:

rpenn expressyourself_dreambig

I also had a flower from the Silhouette Site.

I cut it all out but decieded to take off the flourishes because they were too detailed to pull out of the vinyl.

I threw it all together and it turned out like this:


Now that I look at it on my post it’s a little boring, but it is better than it was before. I will keep updating as I find better designs. If you have suggestions or you’ve pimped your own laptop,  I’d love to see them.

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3 thoughts on “My own Lap Top skin

  1. helen

    could you leave more space between the two words and somehow block out the TOSHIBA word?? It rather detracts from your design. helen

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