2013…we’re gonna do some stuff

2013 will be the tomorrow we put everything off to.


Let me clarify. The adage ‘why do it today when you can put it off until tomorrow ‘ is our mantra.

What, that’s not how it goes? Umm, I am pretty sure it is.

At least at our house it is.

It’s not like we mean to do just be lazy and ignore what needs to be done. 75 percent of the time it’s money. Rather than figuring out how much a project or fix will cost, we just look at it and think, “there’s no way we can afford that.”

Instead, we just take the dog for a walk.

There is a mental hurdle we always have to jump when it’s time to calculate a project budget, then we have to figure how it can be done cheaper and get to work.

When one of us says ‘you want to go camping this weekend’, the other is already starting a grocery list.  Junior needs new baseball cleats, we’re on our way to the store.

You see, this mental hurdle is only on house projects and major money expenditures (like a vacation across the country. Ask my brother, he lived in Portland for several years before I finally got there, every year thinking, it’s too much, instead of just shopping for tickets and planning the trip).


Anyway, where was I.

Oh yeah!  75% money…15 % of the problem is intimidation. We aren’t easily intimidated and either one of us are happy to find instructions for anything online but there are some projects that I let scare me because I am afraid of being that lady on DIY network that says to the camera:

“We thought it would take four months at the most. That was two years ago!”

The last 10 percent is laziness. I admit it. I’d rather read a book or blog hop than pull the wallpaper down in my bathroom.

So, to get off on the right foot we made a list of all the things we thought needed to be done. We hung it inside a kitchen cabinet door so we could access it anytime, but not on the refrigerator where it would taunt me:


We have made a tiny bit of progress and crossed off two projects, well, now that I think about it, I really didn’t do anything for either of those repairs. I was very supportive and kept calling from my laptop, “Let me know if I can help!”

But seriously, both bathrooms need some work. For example, the trim needs to be re-done in the kid’s bathroom.

See what I mean? It needs to be pulled up and wood trim needs to go there.

See what I mean? It needs to be pulled up and wood trim needs to go there.

How about this one, the piece won’t stay straight and you can see more of that plastic trim. Yuck!

So, 2013 will certainly be different, but luckily, I still have a week left.

I think I’ll take the dog for a walk.

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2 thoughts on “2013…we’re gonna do some stuff

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