The Master Bath

I told we were going to get to work in 2013. The first big project is redoing this:

To see the bathroom in all it's decrepit glory, click on this picture.

To see the bathroom in all it’s decrepit glory, click on this picture.

Into…well, something else. So, one Tuesday morning in January, I dropped my husband off at the airport, went directly home and started peeling wallpaper off the wall. I didn’t really plan it until I was actually driving home from the airport and it occurred to me I could probably get it all down while he was gone.

I did get the paper down by the time he returned. Well, most of it. As it turned out there were three layers. I discovered that bathroom was papered rather than painted because there was plenty to cover up on those walls.  There was so much paste and the bottom layer left once I got the paper off, but it did look like it was starting to get somewhere.

His first question when he got home was, “What did you have in mind?”

Uh, what did I have in mind?

What kind of question is that?

I had getting all three layers of wall paper off the wall in four days, that’s what I had in mind.

Getting to my tool…spray-bottle1

yup it’s a spray bottle. A drop or two of dish detergent and water. Spray it on the wallpaper you want to remove, walk away for 8-10 minutes (watched paper doesn’t peel). When you return the saturated paper will peel off like sunburned skin!

peeling-wallpaperYou can see where all the layers didn’t come off at once…but that is no fault of the spray bottle…it is the fault of this crazy paper with the layers.

The next wallpaper removing tool I love just as much is my dough scraper. Yup, it’s the same thing I scrape dough off my counters with. (you’ve seen dough on this blog!) Only in this  application, I scrape wallpaper:

100_0927The paper comes right off when the water has had time to saturate.

Next thing you know you’ll go from this:

to this:peeled

Full disclosure: this job is a pain in the #$% no matter what tool you use. It is tedious but quite rewarding when it’s done.

So, once I had the paper off it was time to decide what I really did have in mind. Before I started I did start a Pinterest Board which proved to be quite a bit of help. I guess that’s what is so cool about Pinterest.

I kind of felt sorry for my husband having to live in that overly-girly bathroom for the last 14 years so I thought I’d go less girly. I was aiming for a lodge-y feel.

Next up: finishing the job.

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  1. Go Kelly go!

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