Jr.’s Dresser

I have a kid who’s room often looks like the closet threw up clothes all over the room. There is no other explanation of how the floor can be clean in the morning and by early evening it looks like a disaster.

The other day he counted and discovered he owns 84 t-shirts, well no wonder the room looks like it does, who can keep 84 t-shirts folded and neat? (Just so you don’t judge me too harshly…I didn’t buy all those t-shirts. Many of them were freebies but 84 feels like hoarding!)

He didn’t even have a dresser to keep them (or anything else) in. So, we went to Craig’s list to find a cheap one.

This is what we found:

the dresser - beforeI knew I was going to paint it so I didn’t have too high of standards. I did fork out $50 which was probably high but I couldn’t live with the laundry explosion state of his room much longer.

I decided to try another project with spray paint.

I discovered a few downsides to spray painting this project:

1. Spray Paint projects have to be done outside. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem but this summer North Carolina is very similar to a rain forest so any project outside seems to be interrupted by the rain. So, I spent about twice as long expected on this.,

2. Spray Paint on this veneer resulted in a soft finish which meant it was easy to scuff the surface.

3. While Spray Paint comes in a lot of colors, it doesn’t come in every color so I had to go with what was closest rather than having regular paint matched.

4. I am not very good at spray painting. I didn’t wait long enough between coats. I sprayed too fast, too close and too heavily. I should have watched more Youtube videos and taken my time.

The upside:

1. Spray painting is kind of fun.

2. This was just cheap veneer on part of the dresser so I don’t even know what I would have had to do to prepare the surface for regular paint.

So, the finished project looks like this:

The dresser - afterFor the Braves logo I used my Silhouette cutter, blew the A up and cut it out in pieces then put it on the drawers like this:???????????????????????????????

There was some overspray on the drawers and I am still thinking about cutting the A out in red vinyl and putting it over that A but right now Jr. likes it and there are quite a few less t-shirts laying around his room, so I guess mission accomplished.

So here it is before/after:


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