Split Initial

You already know how much I love my Silhouette cutter, I mean, I’ve talked about it here, here and here but the truth is, I am not actually that good with the software.

I mean, I luuuv Photoshop and can do lots of tricks with it but I am finding the learning curve on the Silhouette software to be steeper. It actually isn’t that complicated, I just haven’t had the time to learn like I did when I first discovered Photoshop a few years ago.

Anyway…I found this really cool tutorial on Pinterest to make a split initial (I didn’t even know what that was but now I see them everywhere):

I think I learn better when there is practical application so I knew the basics (grouping, welding, etc.) on the software but didn’t have a good way to apply…until now.

So I watched the video a few times then made this:


then put it here:

I applied it to a window frame I have decorated and hung in my kitchen

I applied it to a window frame I have decorated and hung in my kitchen

It was super easy and fun to make. Nope, that’s not what I meant to say, ‘cuz if I happen to give you one as a gift (which I am already planning for an upcoming family wedding — you know who you are!) I want you to think I labored intensely over your one-of-a-kind gift.

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