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A new life for our 15 year old camper

We took our first camping trip with all the repairs/re-do finished. It turned out exactly as we wanted it! I mentioned in my last post that we were doing some work to our 2000 Coleman Utah Pop Up Camper. We bought it in 2006 and we have put quite a few miles and really great memories in that thing.

Where to begin? The Paint? The new curtains? The Regulator we had to replace? How about the counter top. It was starting to break in the top corner and it seemed pretty easy to replace.



The nice guys down at Piedmont Plastics hooked us up with a a nice piece of cutting board material that was perfect to cover the counter with. A huge plus is that without the stove it is lighter and since that portion of the counter has to be raised and lowered, lighter was much better.

I love not having the stove top there, the counter looks less cluttered and an better surface to work on.


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IKEA Cutting Board

One of my favorite kitchen tools is my BIG cutting board. This thing is huge!

It’s 18 x 21 inches and has a lip on it to fit against the counter top.

One side is flat and one side has a little valley routed in it. I never use the routed side because the flat side is just so perfect.

One thing I really like using it for is cinnamon rolls.

Since this not a recipe blog, I wasn’t going to give the recipe. OK fine, to avoid your comments clamoring for the recipe and my having to reply, here are the links to the Cinnamon Rolls and Cinnabon Frosting.

My mom uses cream cheese frosting out of the tub and likes it just fine. Any frosting in the tub can be whipped up a little in your mixer or processor to make it fluffier and it goes further.

Back to my kitchen tool.

The thing about it is I would have NEVER bought it except it was $10!!  Lookey Here!

The last time my sweetie and I were perusing IKEA, I skipped the upstairs and went straight to the house goods downstairs. I was determined to spend as little as possible (but everybody knows you have to spend SOMEthing when you go to IKEA).

Anyway! I found the cutting board and thought about it for the camper. It never made it so the camper, so it’s time for another trip to IKEA!

It’s the perfect size to roll the cinnamon rolls out to:

then roll up and bake.

OK, there is one more tool you need to know about if you are gonna give these rolls a try.

Dental Floss!

Score the dough (or just eyeball it) where you are going to cut it to get 12 rolls. Then use dental floss to make the cut.

Run the floss under the dough, then cross it and pull. You’ll cut the dough to the right size without squishing it which sometimes happens when you use a knife.

Look how nicely they are cut.

Well what are you waiting for? Go get started!

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