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How Many Projects Can a Girl Have Going at Once?

Have I ever mentioned how much I like to paint? Uh, that’s cuz I don’t! I am not that good at it and I don’t have a long enough attention span. But it seems I have got myself into way too much paint this year.

The Camper Project (more on that to come) started last fall when I discovered you don’t have to live with the boring, old wood-grain paper covered cabinets in the camper.

Huh? That can be painted over?

Well, I saw this picture online and was hooked!


Those cabinets didn’t start out red and tan and those benches weren’t plaid to begin with. For Pete’s sake, they didn’t even keep the flooring, they laid new tile!

So, I spent the dreary, cold, rainy days this winter (oh, who am I kidding this is North Carolina, for the most part, our winters are sunny and mild) anyway, I spent my non-camping season working on camper re-do.

I researched a fix for a few repairs we needed, found an upholsterer to sew up our leaking seams, picked fabric for curtains and benches, read tons of blogs about camper re-dos (and saved all the good ones HERE). I found out the best kind of paint for this project was oil based. I hadn’t smelled the smell of oil-based paint – what I consider ‘paint smell’ in years!

Working with that paint is another blog entry on it’s own!

So, here are a few pictures until I write the entire story:


Can you see the tiny stripe I used for the paint color…uh, not sure if it’s too much or not.

So while we continue to research shade possibilities (yup, I may not even end up using the fabric for curtains that I used as the inspiration for the paint!! Not sure how I am gonna tie in that aqua if I don’t make the curtains) and counter top alternatives we decided it was time to get going on a few house projects. Remember I said we had a little work to do in 2013? Well, we were pacing ourselves but have started in the kitchen.

A series of leaks (now repaired) damaged the kitchen ceiling so we decided to put up tiles. If you are going to do the ceiling and you are ever gonna paint, shouldn’t you paint first? Now it’s definitely time to replace the 40 year old counter top so shouldn’t we pick that out? Wouldn’t it be nice to have it all match? Where do we start?

Paint, I guess.

The metamorphosis of this kitchen has been on-going:



Replaced that dishwasher (twice) and that stove (the kid who had to have a store-bought birthday cake the year the stove died, cuz it happened two days before her birthday, still reminds me about that).

The wallpaper was up when we moved in (ever notice how many birthday pics take place in your kitchen? I painted the cabinets and walls for a little color.

2003 – Now


Yea, in retrospect, the yellow kind of colored every picture taken in that room. In fact, last year I bought a new camera that would adjust to the light in the room so all my pictures wouldn’t be so tinted by the yellow.

So, that’s what we did, while I wait for the samples of the camper counter to come in the mail I started painting the kitchen cabinets. I haven’t even started on the walls and I just noticed that it’s been Spring for a week, there is probably stuff to do in the yard…


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