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Racquet Art

If I have a headstone, I am pretty sure my family will chose, “We can make that at home.”

Proof that is my motto can be found in two of my pinterest boards: I could make that and I did make that.

Having my tennis racquet restrung last week got me thinking.. You see, tennis racquets strung by the manufacturer come with their logo imprinted on the strings.

Wilson has a W

Wilson has a W

Babolat has two lines across the bottom

Babolat has two lines across the bottom

When you have your racquet re-strung there isn’t usually anything on the strings — they become a blank slate. So, I thought, “How hard can it be to put your own logo on the racquet?”

As it turns out, Holabird has racquet stencil ink  for $2.99 and free shipping! Cheap!

I found a couple YouTube videos that showed how to stencil — easy enough!

I recruited my arts & crafts buddy and told her what we were gonna do as soon as the mailman delivered the ink!

My Arts & Crafts buddy (aka Mom) and I...we don't dress up for crafts.

My Arts & Crafts buddy

So, I got out my silhouette machine and cutout a stencil of the first initial of my last name — Z

We marked the center of the stencil, laid it on the racquet and matched it up with the center marks.


We laid it out on paper and started inking!


Once we finished with the front we turned the racquet  and the stencil over and inked that side. IMG_2461

Since it is ink, it dried almost immediately.  Here’s how it turned out…


Another one for the I did make that board.

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