The Girl

I think I like tools because I am impatient and cheap. If I were patient I would wait for someone else to fix stuff for me, but I’m not, so I don’t. If I weren’t so cheap maybe I’d pay someone to fix stuff for me, but I am, so I don’t.  Therefore, I’ve learned to use tools, or invent uses to suit my needs, to get the job done.

If I ever win the lottery and can pay someone to fix/build stuff for me, I doubt I will, because what would I do with all that free time?

Dad and I, using the table saw.

My dad is the one who has taught me to use all the tools at our house. In fact, most the tools started out as his. I think he is to blame for convincing me  I didn’t need to wait for anyone to fix stuff.

My whole life he and my mom always have said, “You can do it!” So far I haven’t lost a finger and haven’t made a mistake that we couldn’t fix, so I guess they were right.

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